Welcome to WeeRide Greece!

As the number of bike riders is on the rise, more and more parents want to enjoy the nature and share the fun of cycling with their toddlers and children all around the world.

Bicycling has its strong presence in Greece, and its future is undeniably bright especially when people are seeking for healthy life styles and for quality time with their family out-doors as well.

We would like to introduce you the Kangaroo WeeRide child carrier, an innovated centred child bicycle seat, designed to improve the safety, comfort and enjoyment of family bike ride.The Kangaroo WeeRide has been placed in a more forward position than a traditional rear mounted seats. When placed just in front of the adult rider, this simple change of the child’s position provides better weight distribution and an improved centre of gravity. In addition to improve safety and performance, your child can now see everything at all times.

With the old style rear seat, the child was banished to the back of the bicycle, to little or nothing to look at except the shirt of the bicyclist and some side views of the scenery. With the WeeRide child carrier, your child can now share the ride with you, you can talk, see and share the cycling experience together. The full and unobstructed view of the world makes a world of difference to your child.


Why to choose a WeeRide Child Karrier?

  • It fits most women’s and men’s bikes.
  • It comes with a support bar
  • It fits to full suspension mountain bike which is unique
  • Disc Brakes : Compatible
  • Dual Suspension : Compatible
  • Improved balance for rider due to child's central position on bicycle
  • It does have a 5 point safety strap whereas most others have a 3 point safety strap
  • The footrests are enclosed as this is safer, and they are adjustable
  • No dangling arms or legs to reach wheels
  • the seat comes with a headrest/podium for your child to fall asleep on.
  • Enhanced safety because adult's arms surround child.
  • Child's needs  can be heard, seen and – without losing balance-attended (e.g. w?ping the nose)  more easily
  • Better /direct communication between adult and child without losing site of the road/traffic ahead
  • Better /direct communication between adult and child without losing site of the road/traffic ahead
  • Interesting view for child - no more staring at someone's back!
  • The most comfortable front child seat available
  • Assembled weight: 3,2 kgs (including the support bar that is of 1,4kg).
  • Seat: Padded
  • The support bar is easy to fit
  • Easy to remove child carrier (while leaving support bar on)for riding alone
  • You can switch between bikes in seconds with an extra support bar available separately for purchase
  • Rear of bike is free to carry equipment
  • For its assembly everything is in the box: WeeRide seat, support bar, screws, an Allen key.
  •  Warranty : 2 Year Manufacturers.

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